Coventry University Lecture

Bogusław Barnas’s lecture at the University of Coventry, Faculty of Architecture – 2019

“I would like to cordially thank the University of Coventry, professors and students and in particular Katherine McNeil and Alexander Swienton for invitation and organizing the architectural symposium in which I had the honour of taking part.

The United Kingdom is a special place for me. After graduating from Cracow University of Technology and Fachhochschule Münster in Germany, I started to work for Norman Foster in London. This is where my idea for future design activity grew, based on finding a native style in architecture and a reference to Polish tradition. Here in the U.K. I received one of my first architectural awards – Wallpaper Directory 2014. Here I had my first exhibition of such projects as The Polish House and The Artist’s House. Today I am back in the U.K. as a guest tutor at the University of Coventry to give a lecture to students about my personal vision of creating space rooted in Polish tradition. I believe that my lecture and the projects presented by me in the context of our culture will not only have academic value but they will also contribute to the promotion of Poland abroad.

Coventry University is among the top ten architectural schools in England and ranked as 13th in Guardian University Guide 2019 of 121 UK institutions.”

Bogusław Barnaś, Coventry University, 02.2019

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