ArchiPaper – the movie about The Farmhouse design

ArchiPaper – the surrealist story about architecture

ArchiPaper won lots of nominations and awards at film festivals around the world

Trailer of ArchiPaper.

The architect Rafał Barnaś would like to present a trailer of his original project. ArchiPaper is a non-commercial, experimental, short animated film that tells a story about architecture in an unconventional way. The basis and starting point for this work was a physical model of a house designed by BXB Studio. The model was photographed and transformed into an image that teems with life, creating a leisurely-paced, surrealist story immersed in an abstract world, built solely out of paper elements. Operating with atypical means of expression and building a stylistically and compositionally coherent film was quite a challenge. ArchiPaper is thus an attempt at finding and testing new, atypical stylistic means in communicating architecture. Of note is also the fact that Rafał Barnaś is the sole author of the work, including its musical score.
Film by: Rafał Barnaś
Animation, cinematography, postproduction, sound : Rafał Barnaś
Original music by Rafał Barnaś

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