Green Builging Award 2019

“The Symbiotic House” was selected as The Most Sustainable Project by Polish Green Building Council – PLGBC Green Building Awards 2019

Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable design, construction and operations in the whole of Poland. PLGBC aims to positively influence the Polish construction industry by promoting and implementing the rule of triple responsibility: environmental, social and economic.

The Symbiotic House which is largely based on returning to the traditional values of symbiosis with nature can be seen as a specific architectural effort to redefine a modern style of life and at the same time sustaining comfort and implementing the latest technological achievements. It aims to rebuild relationships between humans and their surroundings. The entire construction involves humans in the surrounding course of their natural habitat. It is not a luxury house characterised by the flamboyant prestige of modern consumption. It is rather a house in which luxury stems from natural and authentically rooted human needs.

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