Culinary Settlement in Krynica

The aim of this project was to create optimal spatial-economic value on a challenging and narrow investment plot located on a scenic mountain slope.

The Culinary Settlement in Krynica consists of two buildings – the main one housing a single-family house, a spa area, six independent apartments, and a small service building where the restaurant is located.

The main building of the Culinary Settlement features a form that references the local architectural typology – a compact shape, horizontal arrangement of planks, and a gabled roof with the ridge parallel to the road. The service building, on the other hand, echoes the perpendicular arrangement of dormer windows that adorn the traditional architecture of Krynica. Both buildings are crowned with solar roofs in the innovative SunRoof 2-in-1 system, which simultaneously protect, insulate, and generate electrical energy. Integrating architecture with photovoltaics ensures the roof’s integrity, proper thermal regulation of the facility, and provides a unique visual effect. The chosen solution combines aesthetics with functionality – transforming the properties into private “green power plants.”

The adopted philosophy of shaping the Culinary Settlement has generated not only the space of a single-family home but also an investment secured by profit-generating assets – energy, tourism, and gastronomy.

The main building consists of several functional zones. The ground floor forms the space of the single-family home, seamlessly connecting to the garden through a terrace equipped with an outdoor kitchen.

Above, a utility zone of the house is located – a hallway, garage, home office, additional rooms for children, and a scenic spa area for guests – sauna, treatment room, and an outdoor jacuzzi on the terrace.

At the top, six two-level rental apartments with independent access have been designed. Each apartment, despite its small volume located under the roof slopes, features an incredibly ergonomic two-level space, with a high living area reaching up to 3.5 meters. The remaining space comprises a 2.5-meter-high zone with a hallway, kitchen, and bathroom. Above this area, there is the attic of the apartment – a small yet ergonomic bedroom of approximately 10m2, which can also serve as an open mezzanine above the living area.

In the immediate vicinity of the road, a small service building with a more intricate design has been planned, creating a distinctive form that identifies the Culinary Settlement in Krynica within the landscape. It serves both as the entrance gate to the settlement and as an acoustic buffer for the house. On the ground floor of this zone, a gastronomic space has been designed. Above, a transparent and scenic space of a local outdoor restaurant accessible from the street has been placed. Thanks to the latticed wooden façade, it becomes a recognizable, luminous lantern in the Krynica landscape at night.

Culinary Settlement in Krynica

Design: BXB studio Bogusław Barnaś
Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Bartłomiej Szewczyk, Bartłomiej Mierczak, Marcin Owczarek, Magdalena Fuchs, Justyna Duszyńska-Krawczyk, Urszula Furmanik
Cooperation: Multiko Architektura Okien, SunRoof Polska
Animation: Unique Vision Studio
Area: approx. 600 m2
Location: Poland, Krynica
Year: 2020-2023
Client: Private

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