Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium

The design of the Badminton Center  is inspired by traditional Korean architecture and badminton shuttlecock.

Project Idea of the Badminton Center

Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium is located in a picturesque mountain landscape that is disrupted by noisy traffic communication located in the direct neighborhood of the site. Our intention was to create a building that will be winded by green space as an acoustic buffer for the city traffic, as well to create architectural object that will correspond to the picturesque, mountain landscape of Daegu, and nearby located sport center.

The design of our building is inspired by traditional Korean architecture and badminton shuttlecock. Solid concrete base that refers to the massive fortress creates a buffer between the interior of the building and noisy surrounding traffic. Concrete base accordingly to the traditional fortress has a central perforation through the structure of main hall, that link to the unique green car-park garden and beautiful cemetery on the other side, where a monument is located . The building is covered with a levitating copper roof that links to the traditional Korean design.

The badminton shuttlecock becomes a structural design inspiration for the building that will place ten badminton playing courts. Main functional core of the building is a massive concrete base, same like solid core of the shuttlecock head. Structural diagonal columns supports the roof that gives the right dynamic and direction of the hole building, same like shuttlecock feathers that stabilize to fly in the right direction. The architectural analogy of the function and design to the badminton shuttlecock is reflected outside and inside of the building, by offering a spectacular fleeting space with its amazing beauty in badminton courts area.

Function, structure, sustainability:

Center of the building – main hall space – integrate all the functional zones – green unique car-parking and monument place on the other side, as well the whole interior. There is a very clear circulation created by mystical staircases that not only complete the orientation but as well serve a spiritual space. Main hall links to the badminton courts area, daily sports area with mobile translucent walls that allows to integrate daily zone and main hall zone, cafeteria, and the space of the green terrace space that correspond with amazing natural landscape. External terrace space is separated from noisy traffic by layer of trees arranged around the building. Structure of the terrace creates wide, horizontal frames for the mountain landscape of Daegu. The terrace is directly linked with sport center on the other side by proposed footbridge.

Main badminton courts area that can fit 10 badminton playground offers not only amazing design inspired by shuttlecock. Carefully designed roof protect the interior against straight sunlight. Special curtains made of hanji paper are additional elements to filter the sunlight. Hanji paper played for many years an important role in traditional Korean buildings. Its unique properties make it a versatile material, constantly adapted to new functions in many areas of design.

The main 12m high sports area is connected with audience seats, and all facilities such as showers, toilets, waiting rooms, public announcement booth, cafeteria. It is linked as well with the scene to the south of the building together with preparation rooms and storages that ensure its smooth functioning.

The proximity of the sports complex, pedestrian traffic and planned footbridge became the pretext to arrange the form of the building so as to create additional public space. The difference in height, urban context, the structure of the object have become factors that have raised the decision to locate it on the terrace. This area is located high above the nearby roads, separated further by belt of trees. Terrace offers an insight into the main hall and offers wide view of the surrounding landscape. Continuity of roofing protects against rain. The terrace public space allows to extend the functionality. Market, cinema, meditation, dance. Cafeteria which is located on the top floor of the building was designed to function independently, also after closing time, which increases vitality of the place.

Designed parking lot is a unique resolved space. It was designed to resemble as a green meadow, planted with trees. Parking spaces are placed on the ground grid system, while the layout of streets and parking spaces is separated by paved stone lines. As a result, we received a green space that surrounds the building, unique car park on one side of the building and green memorial space on the other.

The building was designed in a composite structure – reinforced concrete and steel. External walls are made in two technologies: architectural concrete and glass curtain walls above it. The roof supported by a steel structure was covered with red copper.

The building is designed to advantageously correspond to a surrounding environment. Cold air mass flows through the building to ventilate interior. Glazing is arranged so as not to overheat the interior during the summer time. Building through the well-thought architectural form and land arrangement reduces the negative factors as noise and proximity of busy traffic routes and transform them to green space, a people friendly space, open to beautiful landscape of DAEGU.


The Badminton Centre – DALSEONG CITIZEN’S GYMNASIUM –  is the winner of 21th cycle 20+10+X World Architecture Community Awards

Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium

Project: BXBstudio Boguslaw Barnas
Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Natalia Bryzek, Paulina Dobrzańska, Paweł Dawiec, Magdalena Tofil, Damian Szyjka, Dominik Karaś,
Visualisations & Graphics: BXBstudio Boguslaw Barnas
Construction : Karol Kaczmarek
Location: Daegu, South Korea
Date: 2014
Total area: 4600 m2
Client: Daegu Metropolitan City

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