Made in Poland

Made in Poland is another house designed by BXB studio for an architect. It is an honor for us that our colleagues in the industry entrust us with the project of their closest space.

Made in Poland is a synthesis of diverse typology of single-family housing in the Polish landscapecommon cube houses, typical gable-roofed houses, and currently popular modern barns, modernist objects, and one-story buildings. 

Option 1

Option 2

Made in Poland is an optimal and personalized house in terms of ergonomics, functions, used materials, and the scale of the project. From the road side, it forms a tight shell giving a sense of security, while from the garden side, it fully opens up to the surrounding landscape creating a transparent, open daily space where a centrally located scenic kitchen integrates three zonesliving room, dining room, and a covered terrace. 

3D variants

Made in Poland is a sustainable and ecological house. The compact building envelope accumulates thermal energy. The simple architectural form reduces the number of details and critical areas that increase the investment cost and accelerate the aging process. The southern canopy of the living area protects against the negative effects of weather factors. 

3D structure


In addition to the living area, the ground floor of the house has an office and a two-car garage. The private area is located on the first floor – the master bedroom with access to the terrace and several rooms. 

Made in Poland

Design: BXB studio
Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Bartłomiej Szewczyk, Natalia Drabik, Bartłomiej Mierczak, Bogumiła Borek, Marcin Owczarek, Magdalena Fuchs, Justyna Duszyńska-Krawczyk, Urszula Furmanik
Category: Single-family house 
Area: approx. 300 m2
Location: Poland 
Year: 2019-2023 
Client: Private 

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