The principal reference for the design of this house is a Tree

The pure ascetic architectural form becomes a background, entwining and framing the central exhibit. The Tree becomes a barometer of transition which gauges the elapsing time through seasonal change.


The internal atrium is the central focus of the house. It provides a safe and private place for contemplation. The atrium, glazed from either side, allows the presence of the Tree to penetrate deep into the internal spaces of the house.


The house was located on a city plot with a crossroads at the north-east corner. The intentional form of the building turns away from the street and serves as a buffer from the bustling city.

Winner of 15th cycle 20+10+X World Architecture Community Award – 2014 – ONE TREE HOUSE

Project: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Visualisations & Graphics: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Date: 2011
Total area: 336 sqm
Client: Private

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