The Polish Farmhouse – realization

The transformation of a historical homestead into a modern home.


In the place of five farm buildings due for demolition, we proposed five interconnected barns to create a highly dynamic space. The seemingly random scattering of barns was carefully defined by the surrounding landscape, the position of the sun and the function of the building.

Polish Barns

The first barn, that is the garage acts as a massive buffer separating the house from the road. The final, fifth barn accommodates the living area and bedroom with the wooden deck leading to the surrounding wilderness. It is set in the exact place where the original barn was situated. This is where we placed the main living area which replicates the true character of the original barn. Right next to it we placed the barn accommodating the kitchen and we positioned it in a way, that enabled its corner window to be used as an observation point for the entrance area, which can be found in the central barn and is characterised by its decorative, transparent wall creating a portal.

The barns accommodating the children’s rooms and studios have an open view facing the other side, and are placed between magnificent trees that have been preserved.

Each particular barn was finished with different styles of wood texture, to reflect the indywidual character of the historical buildings.

Although this development is a completed piece of work it takes into account the possibility of future development, which could include the creative reconstruction of the historical house due for demolition in accordance with the client’s wishes.

Polska Zagroda

Projekt: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Zespół: Bogusław Barnaś, Justyna Gajda, Bartosz Styrna, Anna Mędrala, Kamil Makowiec, Mateusz Zima, Magdalena Moska, Valentin Lepley, Aleksander De Mott, Maroš Mitro, Paula Wróblewska, Marzia Tocca
Produkcja filmowa i grafiki z animacji: Unique Vision Studio
Wizualizacje i opracowanie graficzne: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Powierzchnia: 627,48 m2
Lokalizacja: Polska
Data: 2017-2020
Klient: Prywatny

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