The Wood Factory HQ

The Wood Factory HQ is an example of a creative approach to the design of industrial buildings and the headquarters of renowned companies. It shows that an economical industrial building that follows rational technological aspects can be a representative place as well.


The Wood Factory HQ is a multifunctional industrial building that will become the new headquarters of a dynamically developing company.

The pear tree has been chosen as a symbolic idea for this project, and it is an important compositional, symbolic and meaningful element in both existing company headquarters handed down from generation to generation and in newly designed buildings.

Five white, minimalistic and functional sections of the Wood Factory HQ directly correspond to the five white petals of a pear flower. All sections are arranged in a circular plan to create a representative, inner courtyard with a pear tree at the centre. The pear tree is at the heart of the whole structure. The glazed facades of the courtyard are finished with an individually designed double-layered, transparent, wooden facade, which will be made as part of the factory’s production capabilities. Both the wooden elements of the building and the concrete slabs of the courtyard correspond to the idea of ​​pentagons and the light petals of the pear flower. One of the designed functional sections is an administrative and service zone, whose interior is stylistically connected with the idea of ​​the headquarters of the Wood Factory HQ.

People are the most important feature of this project. Here, they are mainly carpenters. It was their hands that inspired us to create added value – transferring the metaphor of their work into the material world. We can create a place where everything we touch, door handles, balustrades, switches etc, is made of wood. The remaining elements of the composition retain a clean, white/gray tone, giving way to the superiority of the raw material.

The Wood Factory HQ

Project: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Bartosz Styrna, Maria Caterina Bertano, Natalia Bryzek, Clement Godry, Fabian Klein, Marcin Kitala, Filippo Cossa Majno Di Capriglio, Anna Mędrala, Kamil Makowiec, Eva Allerhard
Visualisations& Graphics: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Location: Poland
Date: 2015-2018
Area: 2100m2
Client: Confidential

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