Villa in Jordan

This project involved the development of a residence with the surrounding garden, swimming pool, fence and elements of small architecture. The style of the building as well as the nature of the garden refer to the climate and character of local buildings. The functional layout of the house fits in with the terrain of the plot. Located in the northwestern part of Jordan, near Amman, in a picturesque area, on the northern slope, it has many view openings.

The architectural form of the building results from the analysis of sun exposure, creating numerous shaded spaces. The house consists of two main residential zones located on separate levels. On one level there is an entrance to the main part of the apartment and an entrance for guests. The entrance to the parents’ zone is located on the slightly higher level. The entire complex is composed of a specific range of materials, two types of local stone, panels perforated with Arabic ornaments, glazing, aluminum graphite joinery, and wooden terraces.

Villa in Jordan

Project: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Natalia Bryzek, Anna Hydzik
Visualisations & Graphics: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Location: Amman, Jordan
Date: 2015
Area: 1014 sqm
Client: Private

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