DACHRYNNA Product Ambassador

“In its international activities Galeco consistently emphasises our Polishness. A Polish company is able to compete effectively with powerful international corporations on the Polish as well as the international market. The Polish innovative product DACHRYNNA and Polish thought is a forerunner in creating and setting global trends. I am proud that as an Ambassador of the DACHRYNNA Product, I can be part of this project!” Boguslaw Barnaś  

On 23.05 in the Norblin Factory in Warsaw the premiere of an innovative, the only one on the market integrated roof system Galeco DACHRYNNA took place, which combines a roof in the form of a seam panel with a gutter system hidden in its structure and the facade of the building.   

Galeco DACHRYNNA is a response to market needs related to the lack of 2-in-1 system solutions and the growing popularity of modern architectural designs characterised by minimalism, design and aesthetics.  

DACHRYNNA provides a number of benefits for the architect and investor.  

“The construction market, in response to global trends, is moving very strongly towards precise solutions that simplify construction processes. We want to create and build perfectly, but in a simple way. These phenomena are increasingly creating contemporary architecture, which is characterised by aesthetics and minimalism. In this context, DACHRYNNA is a product ideally suited to the architecture of the future.”  

Boguslaw Barnaś, BXB Studio  

DACHRYNNA Product Ambassador 

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