German Design Award

The Lesser Polish Eaves Cottage designed by BXB studio Boguslaw Barnas – is among the winners of the German Design Awards 2022.

The German Design Award is one of the most renowned design awards worldwide and enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond circles of experts.

Recently hailed by the Global Architecture Design Awards as the best world house, and today awarded in one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, the building is the work of architect Boguslaw Barnas, who is a graduate of the Fachhochschule Muenster in Germany and the Krakow University of Technology in Poland.

The Lesser Polish Eaves Cottage is a designer house, but in the same time it is durable and timeless, as it is firmly rooted in tradition. We strongly believe in BXB studio that this is the factor which makes it something more than just another modern building.

Bogusław Barnas, BXB studio

The organizers of the German Design Award decided to award this extraordinary house for a unique reference to the local tradition, innovative design and a balanced structure of the building adapted to the context of the place and local climate.

“It is a special award for me, because it comes to me from the country where I used to live and study. Today, at BXB studio, we carry out projects in various countries, in particular in Poland, Switzerland, UK, or just in Germany, where the first house from BXB studio is being built – as the house that is rooted in the culture of North Rhine-Westphalia. I hope that this award will contribute even more to the popularization of BXB studio design philosophy ” Boguslaw Barnas

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