Commercial Center Piłsudski Place

Architectural concept of the superstructure and expansion of the existing facility at Piłsudski Square in Stalowa Wola.

Piłsudskiego Square in Stalowa Wola with the Municipal Cultural Center entered into the register of monuments is a unique spatial value of the city, which requires sensitive, responsible and conscious urban and architectural development.

The superstructure of the existing building at Piłsudski Square designed by us refers in style and scale to the monumental character of the surrounding buildings. To clearly highlight the new part and accentuate the historic floors below, we deliberately decided on a color and material contrast. However, we retained the rhythm of window divisions and the stylistic consistency of the old with the new, including the Municipal Cultural Center. We decided to glaz all the windows on the ground floor to the floor to give the building a maximum transparency and city-forming character, integrated with the restaurant gardens and the space of the city square. We propose introducing greenery along the facade and on the roof. The roof terrace, available to the community, will become a viewing platform, a meeting place for residents, rest and local events such as an outdoor summer cinema. We believe that the building in this part of the city should be managed by municipal institutions in order to consciously introduce city-forming and social functions such as culture and art, education, administration and city promotion, gastronomy, and workshop and co-working space available to residents.

The newly designed connector, located next to the added facility, refers in style to the metallurgical traditions of Stalowa Wola. It is a transparent, glass tower with a steel structure. It has many functions. It ensures efficient communication between Piłsudskiego Square and all levels of the building, including the ground floor, which is slightly raised relative to the square, the green roof garden level and the basement level. The elevator ensures full accessibility for disabled people to all floors. It serves as a mobile viewing platform thanks to its glass structure. It is also a clock tower filled with urban traffic, creating an integration point in Stalowa Wola, thus giving a new value to the space of Piłsudski Square. The transparent structure of the tower, illuminated from the inside, will create an impressive landmark, especially in the evenings. It is also a structure for a summer cinema screen. Multi-colored, thematic lighting of the tower can create an atmosphere appropriate to the celebrated holidays and events. The top of the tower forms another level of urban greenery.

Commercial Center Piłsudski Place

Project: BXB studio Bogusław Barnaś 

Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Bartłomiej Mierczak, Justyna Duszyńska-Krawczyk, Magdalena Fuchs

Category: Superstructure and expansion of a public building

Location: Stalowa Wola, Poland

Year: 2024

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