The Library and Cultural Centre is located in Wroclaw on the former plot of Fama cinema. It sits on the perimeter of a small town square at a busy junction used by pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. The atrium of the multi-level library is an extension to the small public space. The glazed facade blurs the line between indoor and outdoor public space while the external lifts introduce an additional vertical path of movement at the function.

The layout of the building is organised on the principle of a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. This method allowed for the complete exhaustion of allocated space and provided the optimal spatial arrangement. The ramp leading to the garage also forms part of the pedestrian ramp and harmonises with the section of the auditorium. The top floor features multifunctional spaces which can be variously adapted to the users’ needs.

The facade forms a playful mosiac which corresponds with the colour palette of the surrounding historic area of Psie Pole.

Library and Cultural Center 

Project: BXBstudio
Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Elena Casado Castrillo, Giulia Berloco, Kostiantyn Tomin
Visualisation: BXBstudio
Client: Gmina Wrocław
Location: Wrocław, Polska
Area: 2371 m2
Year: 2013

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