The project was an adaptation of historic shepherd buildings in Switzerland, in a picturesque alpine valley. When looking for a new residential function for these two buildings, we tried to preserve the historical heritage. We treated mobile elements such as a folding balcony and folding blinds in an innovative way. They increase the functionality and ergonomics of the facility, and at the same time give the investment an innovative character.

We arranged the smaller building as a little, two-story residential house with its own private plot, on which we organized a terrace with a garden fireplace. We transformed the larger building into a residential facility, housing as many as three independent micro-apartments. Each apartment has a private external zone separated on the plot, which is an extension of the residential interior. There is also a common zone on the terrace with a garden fireplace.

When arranging the interiors of these historic buildings, we were guided by the principle of ergonomics of the internal space, but also by external conditions – insolation and viewing axes oriented towards a beautiful, picturesque Alpine valley. We expanded the larger building in the underground area, increasing the usable area. In the added part, we located a bathing space with a sauna. This interior has been equipped with a light well.

When arranging the outdoor space, we tried to fit in with the character of the town and the topography of the area, using the view openings from individual recreational spaces.

Revitalization of historic buildings in Switzerland

Project: BXB studio Bogusław Barnaś
Location: Rossa, Gryzonia, Szwajcaria
Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Bartosz Karwat, Urszula Furmanik
Date: 2020-2022

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