One of the objectives was to achieve stylistic emotional tension of opposing forms, which parallel the diverse artistic emotions. The expressive overhanging block contrasted with the linear subdued basement block and created a balance showing contrasting moods, forms, colors and textures.


The Artist’s House was shown at London Festival of Architecture as part of Wallpaper Directories 2014. Was published in such magazines as Wallpaper and Mark Magazine.

The Artist’s House represents a raw, honest, industrial architecture which is dominated by natural materials. The loft style interior of the house is raw and modern, corresponding with the style of the entire facility.

Project: BXBstudio Boguslaw Barnas
Team: Boguslaw Barnas, Elena Casado Castrillo, Giulia Berloco
Cooperation: Filip Maciejowski
Visualisations & Graphics: BXBstudio Boguslaw Barnas
Consultation: Stefan Godecki
Location: Konary, gm. Mogilany, k. Krakowa, Polska
Date: 2013
Total area: 615 m2
Client: Privat

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