Jeddah is the Saudi Arabian city, that has around 3,5 million inhabitants. It is situated in the West of the country, on the coast of the Red Sea. Currently it is being dynamically developed, what is exemplified by many recent urban discrict completion and the construction of the Kingdom Tower (also known as the Jeddah Tower), commissioned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. The scyscraper is 1007 m height, which makes it the highest building in the world.

The task of our studio was to create a masterplan supplemented with an architectural preconcept for an eastern part of the city. Designed quartier includes ten 17-storeys height apartment-buildings, sport center, shopping mall and a supermarket.

Sport center and residential towers

We refer to cultural and urban context and existing communication system. We also tend to meet vistas and conditions of well exposure. Planning both open roads and private green routes, squares, ponds, frontage buildings along main communication routes and spot construction at the back, we created a part of the city, that includes differential public spaces and various building height. The intention was to keep the ground level for pedestrians. That is why, there is an underground parking designed above the whole quartier.

The main purpose was to organize the space with harmony and urban order.

Supermarket building is situated at the main communication hub. Stores and other commercial units form a dynamic arcad-like building frontage along the main street. All together it build a natural acoustic barrier, that protects residential buildings located at its the back, in the norhtern part of the district. Roof of these buildings is supported by an attractive, arcad frontage, created in a human scale and in reference to Arabic traditional architecture.

Residential towers and shopping mall

Internal shaded garden of the residential towers

The commercial building frontage is accentuated with a sport center building right in the middle. It characterizes with an open structure, that allows for free re-arangements. In the south part of the building, there is also a store department planned as an extension of commertial units, in the center part some sport facilities: the gym, sauna, swimming and spa pools with mud-baths, connected with entrance hall and coffee point. The northern part, where tennis courts and football pitch are planned, should be open-space.

17 storeys height residential buildings are situated in a green and peaceful part of a discrict. Firts two storeys of each are designed also for commertial premises. On every upper floors, there are only apartements located. They differ much within areas. Some of them offer a direct view of the Red Sea. Apartments on the highest storey are double floors.

Residential towers and sport center

Supermarket and the residential towers in the beckground

Interior of the shopping mall

Forms of residential towers are inspired by Hijazi, traditional style of Jeddah. Woooden shutters are modern parallel to traditional rowshans and mashrabiyas, that provided air ventilation, shade and privacy in historical Jeddah houses. Also dynamically designed, multifaceted facades provide interior extra shading, prevents from overheating, and offers high level of privacy. Semi-public space is raised from the ground level to form an open green floor. Roof gardens derive their forms from kharijas – traditional private roof terraces, created because of land limitations.

Interior design of the typical apartment

Jeddah Masterplan Residential Towers

Project: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Cooperation: AIM Studio LTD
Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Mateusz Binkowski, Natalia Bryzek; Clement Godry; Maria Caterina Bertano; Filippo Cossa Majno Di Capriglio, Anna Mędrala, Anna Hydzik, Anna Taczalska, David Hernandez Martin
Visualisations & Graphics: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Location: Jeddah; Saudi Arabia
Date: 2016
Total plot area: 83000 sqm
Total building usable area: 181360sqm
Total build up area: 32760sqm
Total residential towers area: 141000 sqm (14100sqm each tower)
Total apartments area: 99400 sqm (9940 sqm each tower)
Total tower commercial area: 16600sqm ( 1660 sqm each tower)
Sport Center area: 7600 sqm

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