The Polish Cottage

On the one hand, the Polish Cottage is a typical modern house with a fully glazed day zone on the ground floor and an attic with a private night zone. However because of it’s unique form and construction, resulting from the search for traditional elements in the creation of modern architectural forms, it is on the other hand an innovative design. Drawing inspiration from Polish tradition, we have created the design of a Contemporary Polish Roof, which matches the rhythmic design of the dynamic load-bearing structure at ground floor level.

The roof of the Polish Cottage has already appeared in the previous BXBstudio project – “The Polish House” – but instead of a thatched roof, that we used in Polish Cottage, the contemporary Polish Roof was covered with slate shingles. By breaking the gable surfaces, we have created a newly defined design of Contemporary Polish Roof with the form of a futuristic dormer window. The ends of the Polish Cottage roof also have a characteristic striking undercut to the gable wall below.

The design of the Polish Cottage draws on the construction traditions of Polish ethnographic open-air museums, Zakopane style, carpentry culture and the folk architecture of Polish wooden log churches.

The design of  the Polish Cottage takes it’s inspiration from Polish wood architecture, Polish rural culture, picturesque churches with roofs covered by wooden slate shingles and all the splendour of old wooden constructions. This house is a modern interpretation of our unique and rich Polish cultural heritage.

The Polish Cottage is a three-storey house. The basement consists of a garage and technical space. The ground floor is a fully transparent living space with an open functional layout. The attic in the roof space holds a private zone, bedrooms, study rooms and a library. The unusual geometry of the roof has allowed us to include and arrange two additional viewing spaces at mezzanine level, which form another part to the attic top floor residential level.

The Polish Cottage

Project: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Aleksandra Bujak, Bartosz Styrna, Clement Godry, David Hernandes Martin, Paulina Dobrzańska
Visualizations & Graphics: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Location: Poland
Date: 2015-2019
Area: 450 sq. m
Client: Private

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