A’ Design Award 2023

A’ Design Award 2023 for hotel design – The Krakow Tenement House near Wawel Royal Castle  

The A’Design Award ceremony took place at the Teatro Sociale in the Italian city of Como.  

The A’ Design Award & Competition is a competition related to architecture and design, where an independent, international jury of industry experts – lecturers, journalists, designers and entrepreneurs – select the best projects from around the world that stand out for their exceptional design and creativity.  

During the official gala, the A’ Design Award was presented for one of the latest projects by Bogusław Barnaś of BXB studio – The Krakow Tenement House under Wawel Hill.  

The A’ Design Award and Competition is one of the world’s largest, most prestigious and influential design awards, one of the highest achievements in design. 

“We have never created architecture like this before! I call this project Perceptual Architecture, which changes style depending on the perspective. The superstructure of the building seen from the Dębnicki Bridge will have a Gothic character, from the position of the Vistula Boulevards it resembles Renaissance arcades, while from the level of Powiśle Street the superstructure changes into soft forms – reminiscences of Baroque ornamentation. We have thus achieved a new, dynamic form defined by the perception of the human eye in different ways.” Boguslaw Barnaś, BXB studio  

Bogusław Barnaś, Como 2023

This is not the first award for a project near Wawel! In December 2022, The Krakow Tenement House was the winner of the international ACD AWARDS 2022 competition as the only project from around the world in the Hospitality – Hospitality (Concept) category. In February 2023, The Krakow Tenement House was listed as one of the 20 best projects in the world according to the London International Creative Competition. 

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